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Apart from the most famous compressors/decompressors there are a lot of programs that help you when those famous ones are not available or they cost a lot of money and you can't afford it. They are waiting to have an opportunity in your system and surprise you. One of those applications is Zipeg, a very good compressor that will surprise you when you'll give it a try.

Zipeg is a free application for compressed files that allows you to navigate compressed files as if they were uncompressed, exactly as the common file explorer. You can access the content of any compressed file as if it were a folder.

It supports a lot of formats, included the most famous ones such as zip or rar. Furthermore, it also allows you to visualize the compressed content ad preview compressed images and access EXIF info.

Don't worry about file size it can deal with any size, so it can also preview ISO files.

If we think about all its properties and that it's being developed and these are only the first features and a lot of them are about to be included, Zipeg can be a very good choice and perhaps it will be soon well know by everybody.
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